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Epic - Comparator Cam

Reference: ECC1000

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Got an old J&L that works great but would like to turn it into a vision system? Get the new Comparator Cam retro-fit kit and your comparator will give you amazing HDMI Video, surface illumination and image capture!

Our unique Comparator Cam can retro-fit to most models or be added to a new J+L optical video comparator.

Includes precision zoom optics (24x-150x), digital zoom, image and movie capture, crosshair generation, and LED illumination for lifetime surface illumination.

We know that a J&L comparator lasts a lifetime because we built it that way! Now you can turn your existing machine into a powerful Video Measurement and Inspection System.

By adding the Comparator Cam to your comparator, you can zoom to high magnification on any surface and inspect defects just like a high powered microscope. Want to capture images or video? We have an SD card built-in along with USB output in case you would like to connect to a PC or tablet and add Video Image Express Measurement Software. This would allow on-the -fly markup, annotation, and field of view measurement.

Never before has an optical comparator been converted to have this type image analysis capability.

Retro-Fit to other manufacturers? We can supply a comparator cam for most manufacturer applications including ST Industries Comparators, Starrett Comparators, Deltronics, MicroView and many more...


  • High Precision Zoom Lens (24x x 145x) 
  • ½” HDMI camera with USB output and Image capture, Digital Zoom, Picture In Picture
  • LED Ring Light Illumination
  • Custom mount for optical comparator
  • Upgradable to Video Image Express or Metlogix M3 software

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Epic - Comparator Cam

Epic - Comparator Cam

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