J&L Metrology will include, with this system, a limited warranty to the end user. The limited warranty will be that the system and accessories (except those specified below) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (1) years from the date of shipment or as otherwise agreed in writing.

B. This limited warranty will cover all parts, except lamps, electrical components, readouts, scales, calibration, magnification and other consumable items. It will apply only to Optical Comparators and accessories which have been installed and operated in accordance with the instructions in J&L Metrology Inc.’s reference manuals. Items which have not been tampered with or modified in any way, misused, damaged through accident, neglect or conditions beyond J&L Metrology’s control, and have been serviced only by authorized J&L Metrology service personnel. Please note that although readouts and electrical components are exempt from this warranty they may be covered by a specific manufacturer. J&L Metrology will assist to coordinate claims on behalf of the customer to resolve any problems that may occur.

C. We will replace or repair, at our option, free of charge, any part or parts which upon examination we find defective in workmanship or material, provided that, on our request, the product or parts thereof are returned to our plant, postage prepaid, along with satisfactory documentation that the product has been installed, used, and maintained in accordance with the instructions in the product manual and has not been subject to any misuse or abuse.

D. Responsibility for loss in operating performance due to environmental conditions, such as humidity, dust, corrosive chemicals, deposition of oil of other foreign matter, spillage or other conditions beyond J&L Metrology’s control, will not be accepted under this warranty.

E. The J&L Metrology reserves the right to modify its user limited warranty, discontinue the manufacture and sale of any J&L Metrology Product, or to make any change in the design or construction of any such products without any obligation or liability whatsoever to the dealer or end user.

F. There are no other warranties, either expressed or implied, and J&L Metrology shall not be liable under any circumstances for consequential damage.