Remote Process Management Summary

US Manufacturers face ever larger price gaps from overseas competition, skilled worker shortages, 21st century workers that align poorly and key people retiring. This business model and hybrid workforce are increasingly difficult to manage and sustain.

RPM dramatically increases production and profits, while reducing risks. It also reduces the restrictions of a skilled labor workforce that is increasingly harder to find, train, manage and retain.

RPM better aligns with the skills and needs of the 21st century workforce, also enabling remote experts when local people are unavailable, allowing your team to focus on growth.

RPM delivers the quality and reliability of J&L’s 100 year history, being internally refined for over 12 years.

What is RPM?

RPM is Industry 4.0 Machine Vision that monitors and controls your machines, as well as automates processes between machines to make your entire factory one machine – In essence, it’s THE Machine to Control Your Machines. IoT sensors detect problems and alert personnel to act quickly, even if they’re remote. Image archive capabilities allow you to quickly find what happened and why, troubleshoot new processes, optimize current processes and prevent problems from recurring. Dedicated networks are used to interconnect sensors, servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and people. Comprehensive RPM services engineer, implement, test, train, and support; maximizing the benefits to you and your company.

Why do you need RPM?

  • Increase machine production and flexibility by 2X - 6X or more!
  • Increase scalability with the same facilities, machines and team
  • Decrease downtime, increase reliability and gain peace of mind
  • Reduce dependence on multi-shift skilled workforce
  • Better harness the 21st century workforce skills
  • Protect against losses of key team members

What can RPM do for you?

  • Increase Machine Productivity by 2 - 6X or more!
  • Reduce Tool Breakage Costs (in dollars –AND– downtime)
  • Enhance Machinist Viewing Safety (and OSHA-compliant)
  • Protect Your Machines, Facility and Team (from most identifiable risks)

How Does RPM Work?

Machine Vision Live and archived images of actual machine operations across your plant

Industrial IoT Internet of Things sensors that detect problems to minimize production impacts

Technology Servers, networks and sleek man-machine interfaces to efficiently multiply your team

Automation Robotics to handle monotonous tasks, minimizing downtime and delays

What Sets RPM Apart?

Visual Enables you to remotely see what is actually happening (or happened), instead of relying on guesswork, boring forensic reports, charts and numbers that are hard to visualize

Alerts your team in real-time to problems that stop your production (or threaten to) and enables them to react quickly from anywhere

Allows you to prove what happened, troubleshooting new programs and optimizing faster processes

Unifies technologies and user interfaces to streamline and automate your Thermal+Optical Side-By-Side View enables coolant / cutting temperature analysis and alarming entire factory

What is a Remote Process Management System?

Remote Monitor, Control and Automate your entire factory from anywhere in the world

Process Manufacturing, Discrete Machining, Warehouse, Distribution, Transportation, etc.

Management Assure quality while increasing production, flexibility and reliability

System Technology to magnify your people, producing far more with the same team and less stress

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RPM MultiView

Integrated Live Vision, Thermal Alerting, Virtual Controller, Alarm Management

Industry 4.0 Machine Vision • Artificial Intelligence
Industrial Internet of Things
• Machine Learning
Shop Floor Automation • Augmented Reality
Manufacturing Execution Systems
• Robotics